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Kingdom MEN (Men • Equipped for • National influence) is a growing platform geared towards equipping men to be effective at different levels (the Word of God, family life, community life, leadership roles, entrepreneurship, etc). Welcome to our Kingdom MEN page! Here we have study resources to help men in their walk with God and also assist in their roles as men in society and as heads of households, and to pivot them to their divinely ordained national (or international) influential roles. We continue to add new contents to help you live the Kingdom Lifestyle as MEN.

Genesis 5:2a (NIV) 

He created them male and female and blessed them.


When we talk about mankind/humans, we are simply referring to male and female. For the purpose of these resources, our emphasis is on the male. Our goal is to build up men so that they can become pillars in society. Helping them to function in their various roles successfully and at optimum capacity; not misplacing priority, however, giving attention to the most relevant aspects and areas in life.


Are you a male according to God’s design? You were created for a purpose. Have you discovered that purpose? If yes. Great! If not, I challenge you today to embark on the most fulfilling life’s journey of discovering your God given purpose. Life without purpose is vain. The various hats worn by men are very significant in the eyes of God and we have the responsibility to be accountable to Him for what we do with the various hats He has assigned to us.


You may ask, what does the bible have to say about men? So much - the bible has a lot to say about men and how to become pillars in society. How to properly groom yourself in the Word of God and how to increase in the knowledge and wisdom of God’s Word. Let’s begin by emulating the grace of biblical characters (men), shunning their failures. We can become better after every study by emulating their actions, way of life, and help others become likewise.


Proverbs 24:5 (KJV)

A wise man is strong; yea, a man of knowledge increaseth strength.


In other words, wisdom brings strength and knowledge gives power.

The true strength of a man is not embedded in his physical being but in his spiritual being. A wise man can eventually become physically strong, however, a physically strong man has the potential of shunning the benefits of the spirit.


We aim to equip men with the tools needed to increase in wisdom and knowledge through the word of God. This is done by using biblical male characters who demonstrated wisdom and knowledge of God’s word as a way of life and produced results.


We aim to empower men to be secure in their identity in Christ and to properly handle the many hats of responsibilities available to them by showing them biblical standards in scriptures.


We aim to build up men to prevail in their daily living by demonstrating Kingdom attributes as a way of life.


Find out how you as a male can begin re-shaping your life as you rediscover yourselves through the Word. Understanding who you are through the lens of Christ. Amen! 



Ezra - (Ezra 7:10)


Enoch and Noah – (Genesis 5:22 & 6:9)



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