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3) How To Transition Your House To A Home


As we proceed, we hope that so far, you are seeing the place of skill and godly wisdom through what we are sharing and the examples being used. This is practical daily living, it is not mechanical and that is why we emphasize, words like relationship and lifestyle. So, moving on, what else can we take a look at that will help us succeed in this transition?

The end result of understanding is the product or the outcome. Meaning, if you say you understand a process for example, one way that someone watching can evaluate your understanding will be by your implementation. In the kingdom, understanding goes further than implementation. It is the stability of the results produced by your implementation.

Meaning, understanding validates the truth of the word evidenced by the stability of the results seen. For example, we have been told that through wisdom a home is built. Your understanding of this statement requires prove that it is indeed true that there is a direct relationship between wisdom and stability. This is where understanding comes in to establish this truth.

Let me say this another way. If I come to you and say that “when you pursue a specific medical education route you will become a physician (a degree no one can take from you), correct! The proof that you truly get what I am saying is by finding out how to strategically take those courses, take them like I told you and at the end what becomes established in your life is the degree that will be awarded to you. When scripture enlightens us on the aspect that through wisdom a house is built. Our part is to find out how this statement can be true. In the process of finding out, the stability of our results is what gives us peace and guarantee that this statement is true.

Proverbs 24:3 AMP

Through [skillful and godly] wisdom a house [a life, a home, a family] is built, And by understanding it is established [on a sound and good foundation],

There is a relationship between understanding and establishment. Before we get into that, the word “understanding” here in Hebrew means “discernment”. The word '"established" in this portion of scripture denotes ‘to be firm”. Therefore, it suffices to say it this way “through skillful and godly wisdom a home is built and by discernment it is firm (stable) on a sound and good foundation”.

Discernment will be more of an ability to differentiate truth from error. There is a direct relationship between wisdom and discernment. There are so many things that are obscure and part of the reason for that is because, our world is so familiar with doing things the natural way versus the kingdom way.

So most well-meaning children of God, without doing much of the work for themselves, find themselves doing just as the world does and they call it godliness. The truth of God’s word is absolute not relative. Not every good thing is godly and not every right thing is godly either.

So, the question is, how do we bring the aspect of discernment and stability to our homes?

-We do so by acknowledging our dependence on the Spirit of God. We need to acknowledge that The Model home can only be built by Him so we need to fully depend on Him (His wisdom) in the process.

-We do so by giving Him permission and access to teach us the ways of the kingdom to a place of understanding (a place where we can identify truth from error; a place where we can validate what the word says about wisdom and a home).

When we do so, block by block, we will be building the different areas of our home on a solid, firm foundation.

Let’s look at some practical examples that we can all benefit from.

- Decision making. The kind of decisions you make, whom you consult to make decisions in your home, is a reflection of whether or not you acknowledge the wisdom of God.

- Idle words. Refrain from idle words in all ways possible (through the Television shows you permit in your environment; through the mouths of the people in your home; through the books you read.

- Idleness. Give structure to your environment. Everyone living in your home should be on a schedule. There should be something scheduled for the day that needs to be accomplished. Do not permit people to just lay around; spend hours on the phone in vain conversations. No. The structure of everyone’s activity should be that which directs them towards purpose.

I tell you the truth, pray for an understanding heart otherwise you may not even see the need for what we are communicating to you. Once you receive an understanding heart, practice this truth and you will be amazed at how the atmosphere of your home will change.

It’s about advancing the kingdom. Remember, it’s all about relationships. From your home will come nation builders, kingdom giants, generational pacesetters, role models, and pioneers. Amen. Also remember, the model home is not a perfect home; it is an excellent home!

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